EFFEFF 118 electric strike 10-24V AC/DC universal

Standard electric strikes

Standard electric strikes mean universally applicable models. The biggest difference between them is their physical design, their structural resistance and the extra functions they provide.

There are symmetrical and asymmetrical models with standard or rounded latches. Narrow and compact sizes are also available. There are versions with adjustable latch as standard, with FaFix and ProFix versions matching the new trend, with the locks placed in the center of the door leaf.

If you can spend more time on selection and small price advantages are of importance, choose from the classic types.
If the case is urgent, choose the latest universal 118, 128 and 138 series!


Electric strikes with moderate capacity for a reasonable price.
Symmetrical structure.
Solid design in different versions. Asymmetrical structure.
Standard strikes, with adjustable strike as basic (FF, FaFix). Symmetrical structure.
Narrow design strikes (widht 16,5 mm) in different versions. Asymmetrical structure.
Compact design, universally applicable strike.
The ProFix 2 version of series 118, 128, 138. Symmetrical structure.
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