BASI VHS 614 padlock 30/15/4,8


The possible applications of padlocks are very different. Padlocks have to satisfy other needs if applied for private, corporate or public use.
Naturally, it is also not all the same, how big of a value and under what circumstances has to be secured.
Although it can be said that they are rarely sufficient as an independent security solution, padlocks, if used properly, are able to provide an excellent additional locking function.

Our single- and double-side locking padlocks are designed for general use. In the cases of bigger requisition and higher security demands, our high security padlocks series can provide an adequate solution.


Simple design, entry level padlocks with various widths and shackle lengths.
Reinforced locking padlocks with various widths and shackle lengths.
The indispensible accompanying items of padlocks.
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