EFFEFF MEDIATOR 609-102PZ security lock, 92/30/24, angled

MEDIATOR door locks

A major problem in apartment buildings: should the door be locked at night or not? The main door of apartment buildings always causes problems. For the property management on one hand, and residents on the other. Some people lock every time, others never. Some could not care less. This leads to a bad atmosphere in the house.

High-level intrusion protection. The main door is locked day and night. This protects the building against intruders and unwelcome visitors. The door can be held open by a key switch if needed (e.g. if somebody is moving in or out). However continuous unlocking of this nature should only be realised by an authorised person (e.g. the janitor or property management). Thus nobody needs to complain about other residents who do not care about security again.

Safe escape route. The buliding can be evacuated through the main door at any time, even if the door is permanently locked. During normal operation and in an emergency too - even without a key. This means the problem of securing an escape route is solved once and for all. Nobody needs to worry about potential liablilty if somebody gets hurt.

High level of convenience. The locked main door can be opened comfortably from the apartment. It locks automatically if it closes again. The door can be held open if necessary.

Versatile, so in demand: MEDIATOR comes in handy everywhere.

MEDIATOR finally made it to meet several different interests. All this that it costs up to 50% less than any alterantive solutions. Thanks to this, the MEDIATOR lock can be interesting for security shops, installers, property management firms, family house owners, flat owners, doctor's consulting rooms, architects and planners.

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