EFFEFF 118W.10 water resistant electric strike 10-24V AC/DC Profix 1

Fail-locked 118W ProFix 1


Water resistant compact electric strikes with rounded latch.
Fail locked operation.
The door can only be opened while a contact is made. In alternating current operation, a humming noise is audible. In direct current operation, there is no noise. When mounting with a throw-open spring or throw-open bolt, the door is opened visibly after a contact is made.

ProFix 1 version, usable with ProFix 1 striking plates.
Suitable for outdoor use (e.g. in garden gates) thanks to water resistant construction (wd).
Miniature size lock case (66 x 17.5 x 25,5 mm).
Rounded (radius) latch, FaFix 3 mm adjustability.

Symmetrical structure, 30 cm cable.
IP 54 protection, bipolar diode.

Place of origin Germany
Brand Effeff


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