BASI SB 5000 SK1 security fitting, K-H 38-44/12/72, angled stainless steel

Door fittings

If your entrance door is already equipped with a suitable mortise lock, a safe enough cylinder and perhaps you have alredy installed a rim lock and / or a cross bar, do not forget about the fitting protecting the mortise and cylinder locks.

Security fittings provide additional protection and are primarily to be used on the entrance door of a building. For indoor use, normally it is enough to have a shield or handle without a steel insert.

There are long and short fittings, ones with handle, knob, or without these as rosettes only.

Standard, long version of security fittings.
Door fittings for fire doors
Security escutcheons, without handle.
Simple fittings and handle sets without inlays.
Short fittings, if space is scarce.
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