BASI CO fastening ring

Cylinder locks

The cylinder lock is the second most important element of a safe, reliable door. It is important that the selected cylinder is installed in a proper environment with a suitable mortise lock. It is a prerequisite for its operation to ensure that the mortise lock is of good quality.
The physical design of the cylinders we offer is in line with the German DIN standard.

Locking cylinders are to be distinguished most easily by the design of keys included and their respective profile. From this perspective, two basic types exist. These are cylinders with a vertical or cut key profile and those with a horizontal or dimple key profile. The choice between the two types is mostly based on personal preference.

The significance of the key profile is much lower in terms of security than that of the functions determining the properties of the cylinder lock. The security and comfort features of cylinders include: drilling protection, lock picking protection, core extraction protection, protection against the bumping technique, security code card, protected key profile, emergency function, etc.


Bottom, middle and top class cylinder locks.
Middle and top class cylinder locks.
Blind cylinders with fixed or adjustable length.
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