BASI PR 1000 cross bar 800-970 white

Cross bars

Additional protection door lock for inward opening doors. Sturdy bolts defend the whole width of the door.

For 800 - 970 mm wide door leaves. Can be operated by a standard cylinder lock (DC) (the cylinder lock has to be ordered separately).
The rosette placed on the outside of the door protects against drilling and extraction. Wall fixing elements included.
The dead bolt locks on both sides. The width of the cross bar is adjustable from 800 to 970 mm.

Length of the bolt-throw on each side per turn is 105 mm.
White or brown color.

The thickness of the door determines the size of the cylinder that has to be used:
56 - 60 mm door thickness - 30x65 cylinder
51 - 55 mm door thickness - 30x60 cylinder
46 - 50 mm door thickness - 30x55 cylinder
40 - 45 mm door thickness - 30x50 cylinder

Dead bolt nest and distance plates.
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