Placing an order

Orders received by 13:00 p.m. on workdays count as orders of that day.
Orders received after this point in time count as orders of the next working day.
Lead and delivery times are calculated accordingly.

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To pay for your order the following methods are available:
- Payment by cash / with COD
- Payment by debit/credit card
- Payment by wire transfer in advance
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Receipt of the order is possible in the following ways:
- Receipt at site
- Shipping
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The easiest way to order is by putting the products found on our site to the virtual cart and sending the order to us.
This online order can be placed via our website after registration and log in.


We will send an order confirmation within 48 hours in which all details of the order including the expected delivery date will appear.

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You wish to see the product live? If time permits, visit us in person and chose the right product for you with the help of our Customer Service colleagues.
To order you can also download our ordering form, save it on your computer and after filling it in send it to us by email, fax or post.
Date of the order is the date when the order arrives to us during standard opening hours.
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Before placing an order, please read our respective Disclaimers, General Terms & Conditions, Business and Privacy Policies. Rules stated in the mentioned declarations shall apply to all orders and deliveries. By placing an order you also accept these rules.


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