About the company

The German Gera factory, officially as Iseo Deutschland GmbH, started to manufacture cylinder locks in 1978 in the city of Gera.

They specialized in the development and manufacture of innovative cylinder locks and locking systems.

The continuous improvement of the Gera systems and the search for new solutions are the result of the inner urge of the factory staff.

As the owner of many international patents, the Gera factory systems provide customers with the exclusivity and outstanding security they require.


Gera is primarily engaged in the production of cylinder locks and locking systems. Its products are popular with hardware shops and retail customers as well.

According to its philospohy, the Gera factory takes great care of the reliable operation and quality of the products. It strives for continuous innovation that supports and supplements its existing systems.

The Gera factory was acquired by the Italian Iseo Group in 2004. From 2008, the company's official name is Iseo Deutschland GmbH. The Gera brand will continue to exist. The Iseo Group develops and manufactures security systems with active and passive elements.

The Factory

The Gera manufacturing plant has been operating in Gera, Germany since the beginning. Here is the production and assembly of high quality parts.


Gera is the owner of several trademarks and patents through its development activities. Most of its high-quality cylinder locks have a unique pin structure. With the latest developments, they always make sure that new solutions remain compatible with the previous systems.
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