Competent partner

The German Basi, based in Mönchengladbach, has been a specialist in intelligent safety devices and lock systems used in various buildings, companies, institutions, residential parks and family houses since 1981.

Basi offers a range of well-proven, high-quality safety products, mortise locks, cylinder locks, fittings, blank keys, accessories and special tools to customers through specialized shops.

Due to the wide range of products, Basi can provide the most suitable solution for most needs.


The Basi company deals with the production and distribution of intelligent security devices and locking systems. It is a direct supplier of latches and locks, secondary locks, door and window fittings, mechanical accessories, door technology devices, value protection products, bicycle and motor locks, opening devices, blank keys and key cutting machines.

In addition to the simple products Basi also offers locking systems. Locking systems are the central building blocks of intelligent security systems for buildings, companies, institutions, residential parks and family houses. Nowadays the essentially mechanical solutions can be expanded with electronic features.

With large storage capacity, sophisticated logistics and qualified staff the orders are processed and shipped quickly, flexibly and reliably worldwide.

Basi aims to achieve customer satisfaction with perfect service and full support.
The Factory

Basi manufactures high-quality locking systems with high quality standards.

Standardized in-house production cycle production, high quality raw materials, multi-stage quality control, complete documentation of the locking system and timely delivery serve as a basis for intelligent security solutions.


The development department is always looking for new, innovative, high-tech solutions. This is exactly the effort and the skill that is valued today by more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

Basi works with a very large stock. More than 25,000 products stored in the 4,500-square-foot warehouse are paired with sophisticated logistics and are delivered to customers in a just-in-time system.

With large stock capacity, sophisticated logistics and skilled staff, Basi products are fast, reliable and flexible for processing and worldwide delivery.

Quality Assurance

High quality security solutions are based on standardized manufacturing products, high quality raw materials, and multi-step quality control. These principles are also consistently applied at Basi.


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