Assa Abloy
About the company

ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions. It produces solutions that you may use every day without even knowing it.

The Group's greatest strength is the product assortment consisting of a wide variety of traditional and new products. With the combination of these very diverse installation environemnts can be created. The ASSA ABLOY Group has products for different climates, different types of buildings and different safety requirements.

Combining hundreds of thousands of components, the company group is making products tailored to the needs of end users, architects and installers, which are suitable both in quality, design and price and are ideal for use in new buildings or in renovations.

Activity and products

The ASSA ABLOY locks and security solutions mean quality. The company's product range includes mechanical locks and cylinder locks, safety doors, electromechanical locks, electronic locks, door operators and actuators, access control and identification systems, chip cards and RFID readers.

The company uses intelligent technology to optimize safety and comfort of the door opening solutions to effectively meet the diverse and changing needs of customers. The intelligent locking solutions put the control into the hands of the user.

In recent years, a number of products have been introduced aimed at reducing energy consumption in buildings. By using doors with improved insulation and new sealing materials, heat loss towards the cooler temperature areas and air conditioning costs in a warm climate can be reduced. In addition, the use of recycled materials in doors is becoming more and more possible and desirable.

The ASSA ABLOY Group is represented on the mature and emerging markets worldwide. It has a leading role in many parts of Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific. In the rapidly growing electromechanical security segment, the group is the market leader in the areas of access control systems, identification technology, entrance automation and hotel security.

ASSA ABLOY is divided into three regional and two global divisions. The American, European, Middle Eastern and African, and Asia and the Pacific regional divisions produce mechanical and electromechanical locks, cylinders and security doors in accordance with local market standards and safety requirements. The global divisions of Global Technologies and Access Control Systems produce and sell electronic access systems, identification and entrance automation products to the world market.
The Factories

ASSA ABLOY operates in 70 countries around the world, has many manufacturing sites and employs about 43,000 people.


The ASSA ABLOY Group is committed to focusing on a customer-oriented, product-driven supply to lead the trend towards higher security. The most important product groups are the traditional segments of mechanical locks and security doors, as well as the fast growing area of electromechanical and electronic locks, access control, identification systems and entrance automation. ASSA ABLOY's robust development is based on the long-term structural growth of the mature European, North American, Australian and New Zealand demand, on growing demands on Asian, Eastern-European, African and South American emerging markets and on the success of fast-growing product segments.

Strategic action plans are divided into three areas: market presence, leading products and cost-effectiveness.


ASSA ABLOY AB was established in 1994 with the merger of ASSA in Sweden and ABLOY in Finland. It has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since November 8, 1994.
ABLOY brought the brands IKON, ABLOY, TrioVing, VingCard and Cardkey, while ASSA brought the brands Arrow, Ruko, SOLID and FAB to the association.

Since its inception, from a regional player, ASSA ABLOY has become a global supplier through a number of acquisitions and now has nearly 100 brands.


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