About the company

Abloy is one of the leading manufacturers of locks, locking systems, architectural hardware, and world leader in the development of products using electromechanical closing technologies. Abloy is a global brand that reflects high security and unique technology, which is a sure foundation for success in the domestic and global markets.

As one of the six global brands in the Assa Abloy Group, Abloy contributes to the international unification process and enables it to strengthen positions in the current markets and to emerge in new areas.

Abloy's goal is to work locally, worldwide around customers, as an expert in lock system solutions. The main target groups are companies working on construction projects, professional end-users, original equipment (OEM) manufacturers and retail customers.

Abloy serves its customers in more than 70 countries around the world. Its headquarters are located in Finland.

Activity and products

Abloy's business idea is to develop safe, aesthetic and easy-to-use closing solutions that meet the needs of end-users and Abloy's construction partners for safe and easy entry. Abloy manufactures mechanical, electromechanical and electromotor mortise locks, mechanical and electromechanical cylinder locks, high-security padlocks, door closers, door automation products and architectural hardware.

One of the specialties of the Abloy assortment is that its locks are made in designs according to a variety of standards. For example, in addition to the Euro-profile design which is also used in Hungary, its mortise and cylinder locks are available in Scandinavian or ANSI standard versions as well. This is especially important for installations and buildings where locks and fittings must meet a standard other than Hungarian due to the foreign owner.

The high quality and longevity of Abloy products are legendary. This is primarily due to thorough design, precision production and the use of high quality raw materials.

The Factories

Abloy products are manufactured in two factories in Finland, in the settlements of Joensuu and Björkboda. The number of employees is approx. 900 people.


The unique Abloy lock and key was invented in 1907 by an office machine technician, Emil Henriksson, in Helsinki, Finland.

When repairing a cash register, he realized that the machine's rotating cylindrical plates are excellent for use as a locking mechanism.

The first locks were sold two years later, and production was started in 1918 by the company Ab Lasfabriken - Lukkotehdas Oy. The name ABLOY is derived from the letters of the company name.

Quality Assurance

Abloy Oy has always been the industry's forerunner in developing quality assurance and environmental protection systems. Abloy Oy's quality assurance system has been SFS-EN ISO 9001 certified since the 1980s, and its environmental protection system has been certified SFS EN ISO 14001 since the 1990s. In 2009 Abloy's occupational health and safety system also received the OHSAS 18001 certification. Qualification refers to the marketing, sales, development and production areas, to all products of Abloy Oy's every division.


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